Santa Cruz standoff

Political controversy rages

Santa Cruz standoff 1

JM headlines that the Administrative and Tax Court of Funchal resumes this Friday the prior hearing between the owner of the Quinta Escuna and the Municipality of Santa Cruz, after the unsuccessful suspension of the process for an eventual agreement between the parties. There is a difference of 28.8 million euros between the compensation required and the latest proposal by mayor Filipe Sousa.

Political controversy rages

This is the news that makes the headline today in your JM, on a front page that also highlights an investigation. Cafôfo says he was not heard by MPs and is unaware of a crime.

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As for the ‘Sérgio Marques case’ reported here yesterday. Albuquerque speaks of “stones on the back”, opposition calls targets for Parliament.

The president of the Regional Government says he has nothing to explain about Sérgio Marques’ statements and cited a biblical principle to respond to the Madeiran PSD deputy, who harshly criticized regional governance, raising suspicions of giving in to pressure. “There is a biblical principle that says ‘when you ‘feel a stone in your back, remember the last person you did well to’.

Urged by journalists to say whether what Marques said was a lie, Miguel Albuquerque replied: “I have no further comments to make. I think I’ve made myself clear enough.”
Before, the head of the government said that it was “Noise, speculation and he says he said” the statements of Sérgio Marques.
The President of the Government also said he had nothing to clarify, when asked about what the opposition wants to hear from the government and create an inquiry, as the PS has already asked.

Miguel Albuquerque also promised to focus on governance and recalled that this is an election year, classifying the accusations as “opinions from the past”.
Albuquerque avoided treating the matter as one of loss or not of political trust, and declined to comment on whether he was disappointed with Marques, the deputy who topped the list of national legislative elections, by his choice.

More animals abandoned

Also know that Ombudsman and associations denounce insensitivity towards animals. João Freitas, Animal Ombudsman, criticizes those who only want “soft toys for whims” and the associations confirm that inflation has increased cases of abandonment and neglect.

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  1. Well it is without time this matter be resolved since something needs to be done about that area that can be used for built a supermarket in Santa Cruz that is need . As far the supposed quinta and is new owner made this beautiful place going under complete destroyed from what was before a very beautiful place full of mango fruit trees and other fruits trees that been cut by him . The old women owner always did keep the place very well kept until she did died and it is a shame that been destroyed .


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