Ryanair: prices up for Easter

… as profit forecast rises to €1.325bn – €1.425bn

Ryanair, who predict prices up for Easter

Ryanair said surging demand will push air travel prices up in time for the Easter holidays, just days after Flybe went out of business, leaving thousands stranded and 277 staff jobless.

In total contrast, Ryanair raised its annual profit outlook to between €1.325bn (£1.16bn) to €1.425bn (£1.25bn) as it boosted sales by 57pc, and swung back into a quarterly profit of €211m from a €96m loss for the same period the previous year.

Chief financial officer Neil Sorahan said: “We will deliver record profits in the current financial year and we would expect to continue to grow profitably into next year and beyond.

“Based on current booking profiles, we think that fares will rise into Easter and the summer.”

The Telegraph reports that airlines are rushing to recruit staff who have lost their jobs at Flybe following the airline’s collapse, as the industry gears up for what is forecast to be a busy summer holiday season. British Airways, Jet2, easyJet, Wizz Air, Ryanair and Tui have reportedly publicly pitched to affected Flybe staff following the regional airline’s collapse at the weekend.

Airlines including BA, EasyJet and Ryanair have been putting on special “rescue” fares to help passengers hit by Flybe’s collapse.

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