Portugal gets new weather supercomputer

20 times more powerful

weather supercomputer

The new weather supercomputer, “High-resolution Spatial and Temporal Atmosphere Ocean Modeling System – ‘Atlântico’”, multiplies the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA)’s computational capacity by 20 and was inaugurated recently by the Minister of Economy and the Sea, António Costa Silva, and by the Secretary of State for Sea, Jose Maria Costa.

Funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), the new weather supercomputer significantly improves “the quality of the forecasts of the models used to issue meteorological warnings, forecasts for maritime meteorology, support for aeronautical meteorology, meteorological fire risk indices as well as in many other sectors”, says the IPMA website.

The new weather supercomputer involves an investment of more than one million euros and makes it possible to increase the resolution of numerical weather forecast models, their execution speed and the geographic area covered.

“It will allow better integration with global models, both with regard to the sea and with regard to the atmosphere, and will benefit from the increased coverage allowed by the new sensors and systems, enabling the expansion of the operational geographic domain that will now encompass Portugal Mainland, adjacent Atlantic area and Madeira Archipelago, which represents the Atlantic area of national responsibility”, says IPMA on its official page.

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