Political controversy!

Local politicians, past and present, criticised

Sérgio Marques, creating political controversy

The general secretary of the ruling coalition member PSD-Madeira last night refused to make any comments on the statements by the party’s militant, Sérgio Marques, who created controversy by calling into question President Miguel Albuquerque and his governance, along with other militants and former rulers. Contacted by the Diario, José Prada simply said said that he did not want to comment.

Sérgio Marques was speaking – off the record he thought – to Diårio de Noticias de Lisboa (not the Madeiran newspaper), within the context of this year’s regional elections, and launched harsh criticisms of Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, Alberto Joäo Jardim, his predecessor, Joäo Cunha e Silva, Jaime Ramos and various entrepreneurs and business groups.

JM reports that the Socialist Party in the light of the claims has said that it will request, in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, the constitution of a commission of inquiry to investigate the cases of alleged favouritism of economic groups and “invented works” by the Regional Governments of the PSD.

“Economic groups grew a lot due to business with the Region”.

The Socialist Party’s position follows the report published in the Diário de Notícias de Lisboa, with statements from several former regional rulers, including the current PSD deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, Sérgio Marques, in which he cites economic groups that ” grew a lot due to business with the Region”.

In an interview with the mainland newspaper, the former member of the European Parliament and former regional secretary in Miguel Albuquerque’s first government denounced that the social-democratic governance ended up leading to “the assertion of four or five economic groups that ended up accumulating a lot of power”, groups that, “with the finger of Jardim”, removed him from the Government.

For the parliamentary leader of the PS, Rui Caetano, these are extremely serious statements that must be fully clarified by all those involved. “The controversy created by the statements by Sérgio Marques prove what, over the years, the Socialist Party has been denouncing”, he says.

According to Rui Caetano, these statements come to denounce a number of obscure acts that are harmful to the interests of Madeirans and Porto Santo people, which may even constitute a case of justice, which is why it is imperative to advance, as of now, with a commission of inquiry.

The PS also repeats Sérgio Marques’ statement – ​​that “at a certain point, works began to be invented, they wanted to continue in the same scheme as the Government, the same line. Works without need, that logic of development societies, all that mad investment that has been made by development societies” – to demand governmental and possibly criminal accountability for these acts.

Madeirans left with their future mortgaged

“The Madeirans were left with their future mortgaged and continue to have to pay the heavy irresponsible debt of more than 6 billion euros created by the PSD governments, without anyone having assumed responsibility or having been condemned”, says Rui Caetano, underlining that, in view of these new data now revealed, it is urgent to open an investigation process.

“We cannot allow anyone who attacks the rights and interests of Madeira and Madeirans to remain unpunished”, stresses the parliamentary leader of the PS.

Rui Caetano also confronts the current President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, with these cases and with the fact that he continues to privilege the friends and economic groups of the regime, as well as persisting in irresponsible spending, injecting millions and millions of euros from the public purse in bankrupt development societies and which, as now proved, were linked to “crazy investments”.

The socialists also ask Miguel Albuquerque what was the previous scrutiny he did when he went to look for Sérgio Marques to be regional secretary of his Government and, now, to be a deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.

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  1. They are certainly good at invented work.
    Look at the cycle track they put in from the bridge by the Carlton hotel, along Estrada Monumental all the way past Reids to Avista in 2021. How many millions did that cost? They then demolished it all in 2022 and put it back to how it had been. How much did that cost?
    Talk about a scandalous waste of money.

    • Look at the Marina do Lugar de Baixo. 100 million EU euros thrown into the ocean.And now, someone has invented a costly plan to give the area back to nature. I think nature is more than capable of looking after that on its own. But there is a tin wall hiding the ‘vergonho da Madeira’ because they don´t want us to see that happening. Corrupt lot!

  2. It would be nice if finally, finally the corrupt PSD would be forced to account for all their corrupt actions. But the frightened Madeiran electorate will no doubt keep looking the other way and vote for the same Sousa/Avelino et al puppets as always: the PSD-M. On top of that, Lisbon looks the other way, The Europan Union looks the other way (though it is our own money being given away to the monopolists) and I don´t see justice happening. But hey. We can always hope!

  3. It’s hard to leave a comment when we have to constantly observe the crazy schemes that mrA comes up with, ie cable cars and unnecessary new tunnels, when so many other things go unresolved, where are the care homes for the elderly?, it’s more than clear that the monkey’s hand is getting greased from, I personally welcome this inquiry, will it achieve anything probably not, but hey long live corruption of Portuguese politics as is currently happening in the mainland not just here.


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