Northernmost enterprises without staff

“Government subsidies are an invitation to stay at home”

Northernmost enterprises without staff headline in JM

JM reports how they sent a team to visit the three northernmost municipalities in the Region to investigate how they were faring recruiting new staff.

From the work on the ground, it turns out that small companies in Santana, São Vicente and Porto Moniz face serious difficulties in recruiting new staff. Entrepreneurs say that nobody wants to work and that government subsidies are an invitation to stay at home.

They claim, therefore, more housing as a way to attract new staff to work in restoration and agriculture.

In an interview with JM, Paulo Marcos, an economist who leads the union of bank workers and coordinates the USI, warns that the next major challenge for the Region is to increase average wages.

Maritimo matches cause car parking problems

The same newspaper reports that each Marítimo game at their Barreiros stadium results in enormous inconvenience for the residents of the area, which is increasingly endowed with a higher housing density – new apartment blocks have been crammed into every available space there for the last two decades.

There is no corner that does not take a car, and those who arrive a little early still manage to denote some respect, the ‘last to arrive’ leave their cars, literally, in the first place they find, whether on the sidewalks, in front of garage doors and from home and even on narrow streets, blocking the passage of cars and people.

This Sunday afternoon, this happened again, during the match in which Maritimo entertained Estoril, winning 1-0, with the resulting impact on the adjacent streets recorded by their photographer:

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8 thoughts on “Northernmost enterprises without staff”

  1. And yet the government has let the sale of a big piece of land to go to Lidl, maybe they should have bought it and made a big car park, to interested in cable cars

  2. Dammed for raising money by selling land to Lidl for a facility that would be used 7 days a week. Dammed for not financing a car park that is going to filled to capacity fifty days out of 365 ? I’m assuming the Lidl land is close to the stadium.

  3. If there are jobs available and unemployed who are not prepared to take up these positions, because it is suggested they prefer Government subsidies, does this mean the subsidies paid are greater than the minimum wage. Or if the subsidies are less than the minimum wage, does this indicate those on these benefits are happy with their lot, no matter how bad that is. This is not a swipe at Madeira, in the UK we have 1.3 million unemployed and 1.25 million vacancies. We have another 2.7 million who are “inactive” mainly students and those who have taken early retirement, neither group of which, in the main are looking for a job. It would have been a much more interesting article if, rather than the would be employers, the newspapers had interviewed the unemployed.

  4. Sadly benefits at home make people think why should I go to work for 35/40 hours a week when I can make do with benefits. Until we make benefits time limited for the fit and able this will continue.

    • Benefits in Portugal are much lower and more time limited than in the UK. I suggest it has more to do with the lack of job security, terms and level of pay plus difficulties in accessing workplaces if not in same village. Public transport is very limited both in frequency of service and time taken between destinations. Maybe essential workers accommodation might help? As for the football ground parking has nobody ever heard of “Park and ride”? It would surely pay for itself and certainly reduce traffic congestion.


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