More politicians join controversy

Jardim and Albuquerque still under fire

Sérgio Marques and Alberto João Jardim, involved in the latest controversy
Sérgio Marques and Alberto João Jardim

In a statement sent yesterday evening, joining in the latest controversy, the Bloco de Esquerda Madeira (Left Bloc) accused the ruling coalition PSD-M of trying to “shake the water off the cloak, as if the resignation of deputy Sérgio Marques was sufficient atonement for everything that was revealed by him in the Diårio de Noticias”.

For the Bloco de Esquerda Madeira “this resignation in no way diminishes the gravity of the statements made by Sérgio Marques in relation to the governments of Jardim and Albuquerque. We have the confession of repeated harmful management both of the regional budget and of community funds, of a declared interference and interference of certain economic groups in the action of the Regional Government over several years”.

“A hidden and enormous debt”

“And we had a hidden and enormous debt whose consequences affected and continue to affect the lives of all Madeirans, bringing added economic difficulties to those who live here and the accelerated degradation of public services, of which Health is the greatest example. These gentlemen spent 15 billion euros without control and we are all paying. Winning elections is not a blank card and we must be demanding with those who assume public functions”
Bloco de Esquerda Madeira

The Bloco de Esquerda Madeira understands that we are facing the total loss of institutional credibility of the PSD-M governments as a result of the controversy, which Miguel Albuquerque and his Government are not immune to. “Also, for this reason, the demand for an investigation remains and cannot pass indifferently before the Republic and the judicial powers”.

Sérgio Marques Resigns having spoken of “invented works”

First, he started by saying that the mainland newspaper had confused statements off the record , with statements made on the record, after he was entitled to have an opinion to, this Tuesday, announced that, after all, he resigns from the mandate of PSD deputy elected by the constituency of Madeira. The resignation has already been communicated to the President of the Assembly of the Republic and to the leader of the Madeiran Social Democrats.

Sérgio Marques, the man at the centre of the controversy after statements to Diário de Notícias about the 47 years of PSD power in Madeira, also announced, through his Facebook page, that he is no longer part of the regional political commission. And he adds that he does it to maintain his status as a militant and entitled to an opinion.

The resignation comes eight months before the regional elections and at a time when it is known that the PSD is going to vote in coalition with the CDS. The controversy caused by the statements attributed to Sérgio Marques, deputy and former regional secretary of Miguel Albuquerque, caused a bang by talking about the connection to economic groups, invented works and the environment within the party. Marques spared no criticism of Jardim and even spoke of a rivalry between Pedro Calado, mayor of Funchal, and Miguel Albuquerque.

The statements, which began by saying they were given off the record – something promptly denied by the newspaper – led to widespread controversy and the opposition asking for a commission of inquiry in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira – but left the party in silence. Interestingly, the only comment came from Jardim, who recalled that he always had a bad opinion of Sérgio Marques.

It should be noted that Marques was one of the six candidates to succeed Jardim in the 2014 interns, but lost in the first round. After that, he allied himself with Miguel Albuquerque and was invited to join the government, but ended up being removed in the 2017 remodelling. A removal that he now claims was due to the influence of economic groups.

Despite being removed, Miguel Albuquerque placed him at the head of the list for the national legislative elections. After almost nine years of trying to keep the party together, the situation has descended into one of controversy that will not go away.

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More politicians join controversy 1

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