More corruption!

Former Funchal Mayor now investigated

More corruption! 1

Hot on the heels of all the recent escalated controversy surrounding local politicians, JM reports that the Portuguese Public Ministry is investigating more potential corruption, with the current Secretary of State for Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, as former mayor of Funchal, in an investigation that involves suspicions about the activity of four Madeiran municipalities and the PS Madeira – the Socialist Party of Madeira.

The news makes the headline of this Monday’s Correio da Manhã. The newspaper says that Paulo Cafôfo will be one of the main suspects in this process, in which numerous public contracts signed between the municipalities of Funchal, Machico, Porto Moniz and Ponta do Sol and several private companies are being combed through.

Crimes of corruption, influence peddling, economic participation in business and abuse of power

The suspicions refer to the participation of the former leader of the PS-Madeira in an alleged fraud scheme in the awarding of public works to private companies in the advertising and construction sector, as a way of financing the party. According to the same source, at stake will be crimes of corruption, influence peddling, economic participation in business and abuse of power.

It should be noted that this is an investigation that, although it is now back in the news, was initially released in October 2020. On the 8th of that month, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed to JM that the steps taken by the Public Ministry and the Police Judiciary in four chambers of the Region took place within the scope of an investigation into “possible crimes of economic participation in business, active corruption, passive corruption, influence peddling and abuse of power”.

As JM revealed that same day in a headline, the accusations result from an anonymous complaint and date back to 2016.

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More corruption! 3

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  1. Well in Madeira a least the projects are finished and conclude the same can say about Boris and is unfinished and failed projects like the 40 hospitals that seem a mirage in the long horizon.


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