Mainland under cold weather warning

… likely to last all week shows a cold air mass arriving, bringing in cold weather to Mainland Portugal

Press agency Lusa reports that all 18 districts of mainland Portugal are under yellow warning due to cold weather, with a “sharp drop in temperatures” likely to remain in place all week. Most of the cold weather warnings came into effect from 3:00 am today. A stark contrast to Madeira, where yesterday was like a summer’s day in Funchal.

The information available on the site of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) showed three districts – Bragança, Guarda and Vila Real – already under yellow warnings yesterday “due to the persistence of low minimum temperature values”.

The cold weather warnings are issued “whenever there is a risk situation for certain activities depending on the weather situation”, explains Lusa. According to IPMA, temperatures will fall across Portugal from Monday, with lows of between 5ºC and -6 ºC, “keeping cold weather until the end of the week”.

In a statement, IPMA explains the chilly blast has been caused by an anticyclone located in northern Europe, which has extended “cresting into the Atlantic” carrying “a continental cold air mass to the Iberian Peninsula”.

This “sharp drop in temperature values”, should remain “without significant changes until the end of the week”. No rain is forecast.

On Monday, according to IPMA, the “minimum temperature should vary approximately between 0ºC and 5ºC, while the interior North and Centre will see values between 0ºC and -6º C”. “The formation of frost is also expected”.

Maximum temperatures will equally fall, with between 10° and 15°C expected in most areas, while the interior north and centre, will be lucky to get much over 5°C, possibly rising to 10°C in some areas.

The weather here in Madeira looks fairly settled all week

no cold weather forecast for Madeira!

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