Madeira top 3 value for winter sun

€149.53 for every hour of sunshine gained

Madeira top 3 value for winter sun 1
Total cost of a holiday for 2
Sunshine hours gained over London
Average winter sun hours reports that a holiday in Madeira will cost just €149.53 for every hour of winter sun gained, with holidaymakers gaining almost 6 hours (5.82) of sunshine per day.

The website set out to discover the best value winter sun destinations. To do this, sunshine hours were compared to London for each destination, to see how many sunshine hours tourists will gain per day. This was analysed in comparison to the total cost of a holiday in each destination,
to reveal where you can get the most winter sun for your money.

The third best value destination for winter sun is Madeira, Portugal, where visitors will pay €149.53 for each hour of sunshine gained. This is 19%less than nearby Fuerteventura, Spain, where tourists can expect to pay €186.05 per hour of sunshine gained. Visitors in Madeira will
gain almost 6 (5.82) hours of winter sun in comparison to almost 7 (6.82) hours
in Fuerteventura. Despite this, a trip to the Portuguese island (€870.84) is
31% cheaper than Fuerteventura (€1269.53), with only one hour less sunshine.

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Marakkesh is where you can find the most sunshine hours for your money. The average cost of a holiday to Marrakesh is €728.42, the lowest-priced destination of all cities analysed. Tourists in Marrakesh will experience 10.06 hours of winter sun per day, 6.53 hours more than in Greater London. The price per hour of sunshine gained is just €111.56, making Marrakesh the best-value winter sun.

Cairo, Egypt ranks second, where tourists will pay €137.92 for every hour of sunshine gained. This is almost half the cost holidaymakers can expect to pay (€257.08) per hour of sunshine in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Cairo receives 10.65 hours of sunshine, meaning tourists visiting from London will gain over 7 hours of winter sun.

Barbados, in the Caribbean and San Diego, California are the most expensive winter sun destinations. The average cost for a holiday to Barbados is €3416.21 for just over 5 (5.35) hours of sunshine gained each day. As a result, tourists will pay €638.19 per hour of sunshine gained — the highest of
all destinations analysed.

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Madeira top 3 value for winter sun 3

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