IMI rises kept to a minimum

Ukrainian refugees are “relatively integrated”

IMI headline in JM

JM leads with the headline that the overwhelming majority of municipalities in the Region start this fiscal year with the lowest possible Municipal Property Tax (IMI). The only exception is Câmara de Lobos, which applies a slight increase compared to the other municipalities. Ten have held IMI at the minimum rate.

Property Tax (“IMI – Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis”) is computed on the tax registration value of urban and rural properties located in Portugal. It is due by the owner of a property with reference to 31 December of the year that it concerns. The IMI value is determined by means of valuation, based on the type of property.

Ukrainian refugees “relatively integrated”

This is the news on a front page that also highlights war refugees. Ukrainians who stayed in the Region are described as “relatively integrated”. There are around 470 citizens who left Ukraine for Madeira because of the Russian invasion. After what has been described as a more difficult initial period, most are “relatively integrated”, Valentina Chan, from the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal reveals to the newspaper.

Ambulance held up in Via Rapida traffic

JM also describes how yesterday afternoon, an ambulance had to “snake” through the cars that were stopped in the middle of VR1, in the São António area, in order to reach an emergency in the Santo upper António area,

Unusually, it had some difficulty in getting to its destination, all because it encountered a major traffic jam on the way. The ambulance left base and headed towards the call-out, where the victim was waiting for the pre-hospital team to arrive. What the firemen didn’t count on was the traffic jam that, at the same time, happened on one of the exits to Santo António, on VR1. Apparently, with great difficulty it managed to negotiate between the many stopped cars before eventually arriving at its destination and assisting the patient.

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IMI rises kept to a minimum 1

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