Golden Gate offer

€7m offered for the Golden Gate building

Golden Gate headline

The news that makes the headlines of JM today is that the Regional Government have received a €7m offer for the Golden Gate building.

The Regional Government received a proposal of 7 million euros for the sale of the Golden Gate building. The news headlines this edition’s IRU section, whose content also reveals the creation of a 4-star hotel in the Old Town and the public auction of the IVBAM car park on Rua do Carmo.

End of the road for Sérgio Marques

Golden Gate offer 1

End of the line for Sérgio Marques is another relevant issue in this edition. The now former deputy recognizes that he has “no longer met political conditions” to continue in the Assembly of the Republic, after the controversial statements made to DN Lisboa. He also leaves the PSD’s regional political commission and is politically isolated. Dinis Ramos, fourth on the social-democratic list for the Legislatures, should be his successor.

The main headline in JM refers to housing loan support applications which will open this Friday. The government official Pedro Fino clarifies that the program will be of “particular importance” to help households with greater difficulties in paying mortgage loan instalments. The monthly amount allocated will vary between 25 and 200 euros and will be readjusted every six months in the face of changes in Euribor interest rates.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

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