Funchal Master Plan suspended

… but no increase in the construction area?

Funchal Master Plan suspended - headline in JM

The main headline in JM refers to the decision to suspend the Funchal Master Plan for two years.

The decision has been made and the effective suspension of the municipal master plan begins in mid-March. Among the objectives of this measure is “the need to respond to different cases, such as increasing the areas intended for commerce and services in buildings or hosting some new commercial units”. However, the councillor responsible, João Rodrigues, explains to JM that this suspension of the master plan does not imply any increase in the construction area.

Porto Santo ferry price rise

The front page also highlights the Porto Santo ferry, where prices have gone up. The return of the Lobo Marinho to the line includes a 7% tariff update. Starting in February, passengers can purchase trips for the entire year.

Airport IMI appeal considered

Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, talking to the press yesterday, considers that the decision of the Administrative Court of Funchal, which ruled that Madeira Airport will have to pay IMI in the municipality of Santa Cruz, “sets a complicated precedent”.

“I think it sets a complicated precedent. These are essential infrastructures that cannot be equated to a building. A port, an airport, are public service infrastructures”, he said, noting that “this has to be considered from a political and legal point of view.” Albuquerque recalls that the decision was taken in the “first instance” of the court, so there is room to analyze the possibility of filing an appeal to a higher court, but this decision will only be taken after the judgement is known in its entirety.

Säo Vicente and Porto Moniz lead in investment

The Diario leads today with a report that Säo Vicente and Porto Moniz lead in investment per inhabitant. The two smallest municipalities in the Region spent the most on public procurement, per person, last year. At the bottom of the table appears Santa Cruz.

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