EU support for beekeepers promised

109,000 kilos of honey produced annually

beekeepers at work

The government will channel support from Brussels to beekeepers in Madeira – this is the promise of the regional secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos, on the occasion of the opening of the 7th Honey and Poncha Show, in Serra de Ägua

Beekeeping has taken off in the Region since 2017, the number of beehives has tripled in the archipelago and as a result of this manifest interest, the Region already produces, annually, in the region of 109,000 kilos of honey

The Diario reports that in the next community framework ‘Portugal 2030’, direct support to beekeepers will be introduced. The promise came from the regional secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos (photo – Diario), on the occasion of the opening of the 7th Exhibition of Poncha and Honey, which takes place this weekend in the parish of Serra de Água, in the municipality of Ribeira Brava.

The government official not only spoke of “direct support for the maintenance of beekeeping” and “the hives”, but also of help for investments, justifying this sudden channelling of funds to beekeeping with the fact that, in other years, Brussels had not sent any support for the sector. In terms of support, the secretariat carries out technical visits to beekeepers and in 2021 alone, medicine against varroasis was given to 157 beekeepers, in the amount of 17,826 euros.

It’s good because the Commission really understood Madeira’s specificities and we are going to introduce these important supports for beekeepers. This municipality has a group of good beekeepers, people who love to work with honey and it is so good to have certified Madeira honey, a quality honey. It is one more help that we are going to give to all of you, to those who dedicate themselves to beekeeping.
Humberto Vasconcelos
The latest data for 2021 published in the Diario
Ricardo Nascimento

On the occasion, and as this is an event organized by the Casa do Povo da Serra de Água, Humberto Vasconcelos also highlighted the fact that these institutions carry out “an excellent work throughout the Region” of “volunteer people who dedicate themselves” to the cause.
For his part, the Mayor of Ribeira Brava, Ricardo Nascimento, confided that he already missed this party. 

Ricardo Nascimento thanked the involvement of all entities.

We’re getting back to normality and that’s good. It is good to have events and this one, in a decentralized way and with a purpose beyond entertainment: the promotion of honey and poncha from Serra de Água. I would like to congratulate Casa do Povo, in the person of its president, for the party it organized and for making this event possible in our municipality.
Ricardo Nascimento

The mayor also took the opportunity to thank the joint efforts – between the Secretariat, City Council, Parish Council, Parish, Casa do Povo and other private companies – to provide “this festive weekend that is the last of January and which is back on the calendar”.

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