Dell heads for Ribeira Brava

Airport must pay local tax

Dell heads for Ribeira Brava - headline in JM

JM reports that the American IT giant Dell, which has 165,000 workers worldwide, is preparing to set up shop in Ribeira Brava. The revelation, made by the Regional Secretary of Economy, Rui Barreto, took place within the scope of the Madeira Days, a JM project that yesterday showed new paths for the regional economy, such as the growth of local accommodation or the bet on markets with greater purchasing power. The initiative agreed that it is also necessary to agree on schedules and routes to alleviate tourist pressure.

Airport must pay local tax

The newspaper also reports on the Funchal Administrative Court declaring that Madeira Airport has to pay IMI (the equivalent of the UK’s council tax). Santa Cruz Mayor Filipe Sousa, head of the municipality where the airport is located, now hopes that the “clear decision” will serve for the parties to understand each other, “because a lot of money is at stake”. 

JM observes that the decision may set a precedent in other national municipalities where there are concessions of this kind – private concessions for ports, airports and railway stations, may be compensated for this effect. Funchal, it should be noted, could also benefit from port facilities..

Santa Cruz has been calling on the Regional Government to register the airport infrastructure as an urban building since 2014. They are expected to appeal the decision, which is estimated to have a value of around €500,000 per annum

Bomb threat

Also noteworthy is a bomb threat that closed Travessa do Amparo, in São Martinho. The PSP were last night investigating a package left by an individual in a house in Amparo. Apparently, a man had arrived at the scene and began telling people that there was a bomb inside a house, but ended up fleeing.

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Dell heads for Ribeira Brava 1

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    • Good question George. Apart from flogging laptops & pcs what else can they do? Their computers are assembled in the far East, they have support pages for all their products already online. So, it will be interesting to see what exactly they are doing.

  1. The revelation, made by the Regional Secretary of Economy, Rui Barreto, ? El Presidente… missed out on that one…? How much is the Madeiran Government giving in $rewards$… for setting up shop there…?

  2. N. Belle
    Madeira is the island of bananas but isn’t like the republic of bananas and neither is becoming like the UK where all the investigations and enquirers go brush under the carpet or forgotten and forgiven.


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