Cold until Thursday

Negative temperatures at Pico do Areeiro

Cold until Thursday headline in JM

JM reports that the cold, which has affected Madeira, will remain until Thursday. This is according to the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, forecasts. Local representative Victor Prior reveals to JM that in Funchal, the minimum temperatures will be around 12/13 degrees, with snowfall very likely inland.

At midday yesterday, the temperature in Pico do Areeiro was recorded at -0.3 degrees Celsius. It was also very cold (by Madeiran standards) in Chão do Areeiro and Bica da Cana which, at the same time, registered 1.6 ºC and 1.9 ºC, respectively.

There are still reports of snow at some points in the mountains of Madeira, confirming the IPMA forecast for the Region reported here yesterday.

Cold until Thursday 1

For the first time, this autumn/winter, the highest maximum temperature recorded this Sunday in Madeira was below 20 degrees Celsius. The extreme value of the maximum temperature in the entire network of meteorological stations (20) of the IPMA in the Madeira Archipelago yesterday (until 17:00) at 19-5°C, recorded in the early afternoon (13:00), in Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo.

In Funchal, the highest value on this last Sunday in January was 19.1°C (13:30), recorded at the Lido station. Funchal, which for five consecutive days has recorded maximum temperatures below 20°C. This has been the case since the 25th, Wednesday, having on Friday, the 27th, recorded the lowest maximum since last winter: 18.0°C, in Funchal/Observatory; 19.0°C, in Funchal/Lido.

Mental health monitored

The main headline in the newspaper refers to the 90 professionals who make up the community mental health teams in Madeira monitoring 12,000 people and carrying out more than 50,000 consultations last year, Fábio Camacho, general coordinator of the Health Centres, tells JM that most cases are related to situations of depression and anxiety.

French Ambassador on official visit

The French Ambassador, in Lisbon, Hélène-Farnaud-Defromont accompanied by the Military Attaché of the Embassy, ​​Cyril Caron, is on an official visit to Madeira. This visit includes official visits to regional entities. At 9:00 am she will be received by the Representative of the Republic, Counselor Judge Ireneu Barreto. At 10:00 am by the President of the Regional Assembly, José Manuel Rodrigues. At 12:00 pm by the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque. Ending at 16:00 with the Commander of the Maritime Zone of Madeira, Captain-of-sea-and-war, Rui Manuel Rodrigues Teixeira.

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  1. My wife is anxious and depressed due to the thousands and thousands of tourists. One can’t even walk down the streets any more without being bumped by people all the time. I talk about Funchal, not the uninhabited mountains where
    tourists fall down and kill themselves

    • I think that you need to find another area to walk . The same around were in Sintra in the historic centre where I live in this moment is quieter but in a few months will be again thousands and thousands of tourists . The best time was during the confinement the place was peaceful.


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