Area burned in Madeira

… is the lowest for 17 years

Area burned in Madeira

The Diario reports that the area burned in 2021 in Madeira as a result of forest fires was the lowest for at least the last 17 years, since there are records of the lastDREM series, which dates back to 2006.

In 2021, there were 44 forest fires (-15 than in the previous year; -25.4%), which consumed an area of 72 hectares (1,392 hectares in 2020), of which 46 hectares of forest stands (64.2% of the total ), revealed the Madeira Regional Directorate of Statistics (DREM).

It should be noted that the area burned in 2021 was the lowest since the start of the series available in DREM (year 2006). Fires this year occurred in 7 of the 11 municipalities in the Region, with Porto Moniz, Santana, Säo Vicente and Porto Santo not registering any occurrence and the municipalities of Ribeira Brava (16 fires) and Machico (10) being those that accounted for more episodes of this nature.

In terms of burned area, Ribeira Brava was the most affected municipality in RAM, with 29 hectares of affected surface (40.7% of the total).

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  1. We need to thanks to the forest people that look after the forest and rescue teams that rescue people and continue doing a excellent job . Many thanks for the excellent work,


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