Anjos waterfall: tourists still take risks

Fatal accident does not deter tourists

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The Diario sent a reporter to the Anjos waterfall, where a fatal accident occurred last Friday with a 30-year-old tourist who fell from 80 metres next to the Anjos waterfall while taking a picture is still in my memory. They were there to identify if people were still visiting the site despite all the publicity.

The Diario arrived at Anjos at 11:45 am and immediately identified that two metal barriers placed both at the access to the village of Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar were not impeding road traffic. The local authorities leave the justification that residents can circulate. But they note that the majority was a long way from being resident, with most cars carrying hire stickers.

The signs are ignored and they follow the route stopping at the place where the Anjos waterfall is located. Others, more cautious but equally reckless, park their vehicles inside the tunnel, an almost daily infraction, the Diario were told in the locality, which escapes the eyes of PSP (security police) agents.

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But this is not our focus. In a few minutes, the most visited ‘spot’ in the county fills with people. Mostly blonde hair betrays your tongue. English, French, German, Polish, Czech… even Japanese. Also Portuguese coming from the mainland. They heard about the waterfall, of the beauty but little of the danger that it can represent if you cross the red lines.
And there are many. There are those who bring children in their arms.
Babies. They want a record at the waterfall so they can later remember
their visit to the island and they don’t even look at the eroded
Diario reporter
The best angle makes you forget the danger. There are those who stick their heads in the water that falls sharply, thinking that it comes from a spring or an abundant lake. They can’t imagine that there are farmers up above.
The answer to the initial question seems perfectly obvious: Yes, tourists continue to take risks!

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  1. Well if people want to behave like that it is up to them risking their lives and end up in tragedy . Nothing else to say .Next thing they will be doing is to go to the old roads São Vicente e Porto Moniz, where a lot stones fall to to see if the stones are falling to the ground and wait for them to fall, Complete irresponsible lot indeed .


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