50 years of Autonomy

Unemployment higher in smaller municipalities

Autonomy headline in the Diario

The issue of “celebrating 50 years of Autonomy” is one of the pictorial highlights of this Monday’s edition of the Diario. The President of Parliament says that it is up to the Assembly, leaving the Region to decide the terms of the commemoration of the half-century of Freedom Day in Madeira.

This headline is rather confusing as the 25th of April Revolution, also known as the Carnation Revolution or the April Revolution, took place on April 25, 1974, which overthrew the dictatorial regime of the New State, in force since 1933. It was only on 1st July 1976 that the Archipelago of Madeira was granted autonomy. Both anniversaries are therefore some way off?

Unemployment higher in smaller municipalities

Unemployment punishes more small municipalities is the subject that makes the headline of the Diårio today. Funchal, Santa Cruz and Cåmara de Lobos were the locations that managed to generate the most work in 2022. In the regional total, last year saw one of the biggest drops in unemployment since records began.

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