Weather forecast improves

No rain and rising temperatures

Weather forecast improves 1
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Contrary to various reports – some of them instigating from here, some from elsewhere, this Tuesday looks like seeing fairly pleasant weather, at least in Funchal., opposite, is now showing gusts at the airport reaching 19 knots, which can still be problematic, but nowhere near as bad as the 29 knots originally forecast. Fingers crossed for those travelling today………..

The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, forecast for today in the Madeira archipelago is generally cloudy skies and moderate wind (20 to 35 km/h) from the east quadrant, blowing moderate to strong (30 to 45 km/h) in the highlands, with gusts of up to 65 km/h.

A rise in temperature is still expected for the entire archipelago, with a “small” rise expected for Funchal.

In the capital of Madeira, the sky will generally be slightly cloudy and the wind should blow moderately (15 to 25 km/h) from the east quadrant.

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As for the state of the sea, on the north coast, waves from the north of 2.5 to 3 metres are expected, and on the south coast, waves from the south quadrant of 1 to 1.5 metres.

The sea water temperature will be between 19 and 21ºC.

The Orange weaather warning yesterday only remains in place in Porto Santo.

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