PSD/Madeira call for another victory

after 45 consecutive years

Miguel Albuquerque was speaking at the Christmas dinner of the PSD/Madeira

JM reports that PSD/Madeira leader and current Regional President Miguel Albuquerque reaffirmed yesterday that it is “crucial” for the party to maintain internal unity to win the 2023 regional elections, to which it will run in coalition with the CDS-PP (Conservatives), emphasizing that “the opponent is the Socialist Party “.

“Each militant has his freedom of expression, but in crucial moments we have to be united” … “here there are no halftones, the party has to be mobilized.”

Miguel Albuquerque was speaking at the Christmas dinner of PSD/Madeira the Madeiran social democrats, in Funchal, an event that, according to the organization, has the participation of more than 1,000 militants and supporters.

2023 regional elections

The island leader alerted them to the next challenge – the 2023 regional elections – considering that it is fundamental to face it “with humility, with openness to the people, with the capacity for dialogue, with a clear and credible project”.

“The PSD/Madeira has always placed the people of Madeira, Madeira’s autonomy, above party interests, but we also say, without any problem, that we do not embark on political correctness”, he said.

And he reinforced: “When the interests of our people are at stake, we face whoever it is. We are not afraid to face Lisbon or whoever it is to defend the rights of Madeirans.”

Miguel Albuquerque also said that the PSD/Madeira has governed the Autonomous Region of Madeira for 45 consecutive years, with an absolute majority until 2019 and then in coalition with the centrists, because “it has always known how to keep up with changes” and assert itself as a “reformist party”, open to “new trends and “new causes”.

“We are never overtaken by history”, he stressed, adding: “We have never been overtaken by history, but at the same time, being reformist, being a vanguard party, it is also a party with history, identity, memory.”

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PSD/Madeira call for another victory 1

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8 thoughts on “PSD/Madeira call for another victory”

    • At least he does work not like the greased piglet that was always in permeant holiday and partying and still want to continue representing is constituents I hope they can see that he was consider unfit to do any type of governmental job

  1. So in other words Harry he is like every politician no matter colour or views. Will we ever have a leader (world wide) who will take the right action?

  2. Remember the old saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. To rule the island like a private feafdom for so long is not only bad democratically but basically encourages an attitude of “we can do as we please without any consequences”. I am not saying the island needs change for change sake but a change of ideas and a greater respect for the needs of the islanders and the environment rather than pet projects like cable cars, more tunnels and more luxury developments that no normal Madeiran has a chance of ever buying. These “developments change the entire feeling of Madeira from what they promote as “nature” to more one of Disneyland and a tax haven for the super rich.

  3. Change is inevitable, but the wrong change isn’t.
    But to quote another, ” you can satisfy some of the people,some of the time,but never all of the people,all of the time” its finding the balance that alludes the politicians,Michael

  4. Here in the UK we continually swap Liebour for Clownservatives , Socialism vs Capitalism…, however, the rich get richer & the workers pay the taxes & suffer austerity. Politics in my opinion is corrupt, inept, mendacious & bourgeoisie. the devil is in the detail & you choose ? Will your life get any better…? Remember these people are not in “power” they are there to serve the country & its people… with there snouts in the trough & lavish expenses…

    • So, what are you proposing? Communism? 70 years of it did nothing for Russian people. Fascism? Look what that did to Italy, Spain and Germany.

      Anarchy? No, let’s stick with our faulty system.

      • Maurice Ive argued your very points for decades, people dont see, that its best of a bad choice, at least we get the choice to throw them out.
        Very few people see the value of opposition is another problem.
        Maybe my approach works, i say, learn as best you can,to live with whoever holds the current big stick, they have a limited life span,5 years max,unless they do a better job than expected and get voted back in!!🤣 works for me.


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