Christmas lights switched on

Binter reduces Morocco flights

Christmas lights on the cover of JM

The highlight on the front page of JM refers to the Christmas lights being switched on, with “a photo full of brightness and people, which portrays the beginning of the so-called ‘Festa’ in Madeira”

Thousands of people went down to the centre of Funchal yesterday to see the Christmas lights. There was applause as they turned on the lights, and shortly afterwards there were queues in traffic and at the Placa Central stalls.

The Diario has videos of the Christmas lights below.

The Diario reports that at 6:00 pm sharp, around 1.6 million lamps, of various colours and designs, illuminated for the first time this year, the streets, streams, gardens, os prédios and different places in the city, delighting thousands of people, including Madeirans and tourists, who took advantage of the late afternoon of the public holiday, to experience the new look that now illuminates the capital, until the 6th of January.

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Among some of the novelties among the Christmas lights this year, highlighting the ‘mapping video projections on the corner of the cathedral and on the north wall of the Palace of Säo Lourenco. In Praça CR7, which is also very popular with visitors, there are more decorations, while in Praça do Povo there is a 30-metre-high, Christmas tree which works as a ‘photobooth’.

On the pier in Funchal, this year the electronically animated tunnel offers visitors a “walk through the water towards an angel placed at the end of the pier”. In other areas of the city there are different interactive technologies, including augmented reality, which through a mobile app will present animated Christmas figures synchronized with music. There are also sensory technologies, which will trigger different lighting animations with the presence or passage of people.

Binter reduces Morocco flights

The airline admits that the operation between Madeira and Marrakech was not as successful as expected. Starting next year, this route will only open in July and August. In the Canary Islands, Binter’s general coordinator tells JM that there will be no new connections to the Region. 

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  1. 😭 we can’t travel to the island due to poor health. Would have been there for Christmas & New Year this year but will have to just watch videos.

    • I do think that the value in raising morale and spirits in difficult times needs to be added to the equation. If the lights go out across towns and cities in Europe and across the world, what a miserable start to 2023 we would all experience.

  2. We am flying out on Monday 5/12/2022 for the Christmas period I can’t wait haven’t been back to Madeira since the Covid outbreak so it will be a very strange feeling.


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