TAP strike “a disaster”

360 flights cancelled

TAP planes- cabin crew have called a strike

“A disaster” is how the President of the Regional Government defines the situation of TAP, which will cancel 360 flights, on the 8th and 9th of December due to a cabin crew strike. In a post on Twitter, TAP notified passengers that flights could be changed between November 28 and December 19.

“Fortunately”, says Miguel Albuquerque, “Madeira has the service of 34 airlines and will be able to “suppress” these cancellations. Among them, Ryanair, which offers 355,000 seats to the Region”.

Albuquerque was speaking yesterday afternoon during the presentation of a project aimed at marketing Madeira prawns as a product with high market value.

The state-owned airline is cancelling flights after failing to reach a new agreement with unions representing its cabin crew.

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At a press conference in Lisbon earlier today, Chief Executive Officer Christine Ourmieres-Widener said that the canceled flights would result in about $8.3 million in losses. The strike affects almost 50% of TAP’s schedules and nearly 50,000 passengers in two days.

The strike action was scheduled by SNPVAC, one of the unions representing TAP’s cabin crew. The decision came after the union did not agree to the latest contract offer from the airline. Ricardo Penarroias, the union leader, said that the most recent offer did not address staffing shortages, break times, and low wages. The airline has proposed wage cuts and flexible schedules, but crew members want the latest offer to serve as a base for future negotiations.

TAP is advising its passengers to reschedule flights to avoid the strike. On December 6, SNPVAC will host a meeting to evaluate negotiations with the airline. Ourmieres-Widener hopes that the airline and union will find the time to discuss a new contract. When asked if she thought the strike could be cancelled, Ourmieres-Widener said, “as we speak, I don’t think so.”

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