Seer octopus backs Portugal

as Ronaldo skips news conference

Seer octopus backs Portugal 1

Diário de Notícias reports that a seer octopus has guaranteed that Portugal will beat Ghana in their opening match at the World Cup today. A descendant of Polvo Paul, who became famous in 2010, the octopus Paulo Júnior was confronted with two boxes with the symbols of the teams and the choice was clear.

Having animals predict results is already a habit in major international competitions and the Qatar World Cup is no exception. This time it was Paulo Júnior, a descendant of Polvo Paul-who became famous in the 2010 World Cup, to show his talents.

The prediction of the SEA Life Porto mollusc is clear: Portugal will start winning the World Cup, defeating Ghana.

To make its choice, the octopus was confronted with two boxes, with the symbols of both teams, and chose the Portuguese team as the favourite to win next Thursday’s meeting (16.00, RTP and SportTV).

Seer octopus backs Portugal 3

Paulo Júnior takes to the pitch once a day during the World Cup and predictions can be followed on SEA Life Porto’s social networks.

Video on the link opposite. Thanks to PeterA for the link.

Ronaldo skips news conference

Fox News reports that Cristiano Ronaldo was out of sight at the World Cup on Wednesday afternoon, but definitely not out of mind.  Who are we kidding, when is Ronaldo ever “out of mind?”

The Portugal superstar, just hours after it was announced he had sensationally left his club, Manchester United, by mutual consent, and that he has been suspended and fined by the Football Association for two matches with whatever club he lands with next, skipped his media duties as national team captain and was replaced by teammate Bruno Fernandes at the squad’s official FIFA news conference ahead of today’s clash with Ghana in Group H.

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Seer octopus backs Portugal 5

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