Ryanair refunds – more problems!

Regional mobility subsidy paperwork wrong

Ryanair refunds headline

JM’s headline reports that there are customers who are unable to claim a Ryanair refund under the Regional mobility subsidy, whereby locals travelling to the mainland pay full price but then claim the difference between that and the fixed maximum of €86 (€65 students). There has been a number of reports recently that travellers were experiencing problems making claims when using Ryanair documentation.

CTT (the Portuguese Post Office) confirms to JM that the Ryanair refund documents issued by the company do not have the “required characteristics” for reimbursement. The airline, on the other hand, denies the accusation and blames “some CTT employees” for not processing the payment.

Ryanair refunds - more problems! 1
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November 4° warmer

The Diario reports that November was 4° warmer than usual in the archipelago, with the biggest anomaly being in the highland of Madeira.

They obviously read this blog, however, and report on a cold air mass on the way for the first few days of December, with wind, rain and snow on the high-ground forecast. Nice to see it the other way round for a change!

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