Prison guards call for help

… after inmates refuse to return to their cells

Prison guards call for help headline in JM

JM reports on an incident involving a group of about 15 inmates from Funchal Prison that forced the prison guards to request support from the Tactical Unit. This was apparently caused when the prisoners, after their time in the courtyard, refused to return to their cells, forcing prison guards to call for assistance

The newspaper also reports that the black scabbardfish, which breaks records and has already exhausted its quota. They also note that the Pestana Group has reached 50 years of age and now has more than 100 hotels.

Residents of Poço Barral tell the newspaper that they live “in shock” after a man was killed when he was allegedly trying to rob a house. As reported here individual was reportedly caught by the owner of the house who killed him with a bladed weapon and is now responsible for the crime of homicide. Residents of the area say they are unsafe.

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