Praia Formosa mystery

Heavy machinery at work on the beach

machinery at work on Praia Formosa

JM reports online that councillors from the Confiança Coalition at Funchal City Council (Câmara Municipal do Funchal) will request clarification at next Thursday’s City Council meeting on the presence of heavy machinery at work on the pebble beach of Praia Formosa.

According to a statement sent to the newsrooms, it seems that the work in progress is the responsibility of a nearby hotel, and will aim to partially replace the promenade that existed on that part of Praia Formosa and was destroyed over the years by the action of the sea.

The coalition recalls that the promenade is located on plots of land belonging to the public maritime domain, having been initially built as part of the licensing process for the construction of the hotel units built on the edge of Praia Formosa beach, and being developed between the Doca do Cavacas tunnel and the former “Yacht Bar”, since 2017 assigned to one of the hotels for use by guests by Public Notice 11/2017.

“Following the approach made by several citizens to the Confianga team about the inadvertent closure of the Doca do Cavacas tunnel, the councillors went to the site to confirm this fact, and (establishing) the existence of heavy machinery at work on the pebble beach of Praia Formosa Informally, it was communicated to the mayors of Confianga that the work in progress would be the responsibility of a hotel enterprise, and would aim to partially replace the promenade that existed there and was destroyed over the years by the action of the sea”

— Trust Coalition

Confianca recalls that the city authorities have in recent years ensured access conditions for bathers and local residents with the seasonal installation of a removable walkway on the aforementioned section, and adhering to a disposition expressed by the Regional Government to assist in the recovery of the same following the bad weather that afflicted the south coast of Madeira in the winter of 2018, “which unfortunately never left the field of intentions”.

They also recalled that in March 2019 the Regional Government decided, by resolution 174/2019, to partially suspend the Funchal PDM (Urban Master Plan), for a period of 2 years, in that area to allow the reconstruction of the “Hotel Madeira Palåcio” above Praia Formosa, having extended this period for a further year in its resolution 743/2021, starting on August 27, 2021.

“Knowing that these types of interventions must be authorized by the Regional Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change and by the Captaincy of Funchal, whose work must be licensed by the Municipality of Funchal with the possible conditionings to be informed to Frente Mar Funchal as the managing entity of Praia Formosa, the councillors of Confiança will request clarifications at next Thursday’s chamber meeting, asking for knowledge of all the opinions of the entities involved and informing the population of Funchal”

— Trust Coalition

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