Nuns Valley cable car

… “may jeopardize the environmental heritage”

Boca da Corrida viewpoint  overlooking the site of the proposed Nuns Valley cable car
CDU calling for more studies on the Nuns Valley cable car

The CDU was today at the Boca da Corrida viewpoint in the parish of Jardim da Serra, overlooking the site of the proposed Nuns Valley cable car, to denounce the fact that all the necessary studies have not yet been carried out to ascertain the feasibility of building a “Radical Adventure Park” that includes a cable car between the Nuns Valley and Boca da Corrida. The CDU – the Unitary Democratic Coalition – is an electoral and political coalition between the Portuguese Communist Party and the Ecologist Party, “The Greens”

“It is, to say the least, irresponsible on the part of the Regional Government to launch the tender procedure through the resolution of the Government Council nª 1057/2022 for the design, construction, operation and conservation of the Nuns Valley cable car system, an adventure park and the interpretation of nature and a “zip line” (slide), including the respective support and catering facilities, at Curral das Freiras and Jardim da Serra”, criticizes deputy Ricardo Lume.

“Lack of studies”

The CDU recalls that the “construction of an infrastructure of the size of Nuns Valley cable car in a protected area brings environmental impacts that should not be undervalued, which may jeopardize the environmental heritage of our Region, namely the fauna and flora, but it is necessary to consider the cost-benefit from the implementation of a project of this magnitude – Nuns Valley cable car will cost more than €35 million – in an area with geological specificities that may affect the safety of the population”.

Blog post August 2022

In this sense, the party criticizes the fact that “the necessary studies to assess the viability of the Nuns Valley cable car project have not yet been carried out, we cannot allow the Regional Government to allow the start of a project that may have the same purpose as the Marina do Lugar de Baixo and other useless projects that cost the Region only because they were not accompanied by the necessary studies”.

In order to respond to this issue, the CDU has scheduled a Draft Resolution to be discussed and voted on this week in the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which decides to recommend to the Regional Government that:

1- Present a geological study of the area where the Radical Adventure Park will be implemented, which includes a cable car between Curral das Freiras and Boca da Corrida, in order to analyze in depth the impacts of the construction of the infrastructure and possible geological risks that may jeopardize the safety of populations;

2- Draw up, in conjunction with Civil Protection, a feasibility study for a safety plan for the Radical Adventure Park;

3- Carry out a new market study for the construction costs of Nuns Valley cable car taking into account the 2022 prices and not the 2021 prices;

4- Carry out an economic feasibility study of the Radical Adventure Park and the impacts on the economy of the parishes of Curral das Freiras and Jardim da Serra;

5- Carry out a survey of the necessary improvement works and construction of roadways that ensure access to the Radical Adventures Park, whether in Sítio do Paredão, in the Parish of Curral das Freiras and in the Parish of Jardim da Serra and that you take into account that costs will have for the public purse and its environmental impacts”, he maintained.

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9 thoughts on “Nuns Valley cable car”

  1. Terrible idea. I hope it is condemed and not allowed – for the benefit of generations to come. It is your counrty and your people, but the charm and potential for sustainable development is being steadily eroded. In the UK we have a saying “Don’kill the golden goose”! What could possibly go wrong?

  2. As the article says there is a danger that this becomes another politically driven vanity project that could end up just another white elephant. How many days will the weather prevent it operating? Don’t forget it is not just Lugar da Baixo marina, the new North docking facility has never been used and the whole area around the lighthouse at Ponta da Pargo still looks like a building site rather than a golf course. Oh and never forget Quinta da Lorde which having gone through multiple developers and stop starts construction works is now hunting for more investors to make the project viable.

  3. I’m assuming that this is a privately funded venture and that no Government funds are involved. I can’t even see it as a politically driven vanity project. Which politician is going to want to be remembered for recommending this. It needs the cruise passengers to use this to make profits but they already have one Cable Car only ten minutes from the ship. Worse scenario is the passenger numbers are split between the two resulting in reduced profits for the Monte Cable Car, which should have covered it’s build costs by now and not enough revenue to cover the build costs of the new venture.

    • Surely government funds are needed for the necessary infrastructure like roads and purchase of land.

      Unfortunately some work is already going on at Paredão and Boca da Corrida, to be seen on Facebook group”Contra o teleférico no Curral das Freiras”.


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