More time for claiming travel subsidies

Portuguese press play down the Qatar World Cup

The Diario headlines the news that claims for reimbursement for trips have gained extra time. Payments of travel subsidies that are not being made to passengers within the scope of the Mobility Subsidy, due to lack of documents from the airlines, now have an additional period beyond that determined by law.

The case for the extension of travel subsidies put by the Secretary of Tourism was accepted by the General Inspectorate of Finance – a clear reference to the problems some locals are experiencing getting paperwork from Ryanair for trips to the mainland.

The photo refers to the decline in the number of referees – numbers have dropped by 30% since the pandemic.

Portuguese press play down the Qatar World Cup

The mainland edition of the Diario reports that the Football World Cup in Qatar started yesterday, but the national newspapers, although they give some prominence to the competition that everyone talks about, choose to give greater prominence to other news. Even the sports newspapers do not make the event their biggest reference on the covers.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

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