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Madeira registers 456 cases, no deaths

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Between November 1 and 7, Portugal recorded 5,291 infections with Covid (SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus) and 44 deaths associated with the virus. There was a new increase in hospitalizations, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) indicated yesterday.

According to the DGS weekly epidemiological bulletin, compared to the previous week, there were 602 fewer cases of infection, with 12 fewer deaths in the comparison between the two periods.

As for hospital occupancy in mainland Portugal due to covid-19, the DGS started to release data on hospitalizations for the Monday before the report was published on Fridays.

Based on this criterion, the bulletin indicates that, last Monday, 571 people were hospitalized, 46 more than on the same day of the previous week, with 34 patients in intensive care units, the same number as the previous week.

In the same week Madeira registered 456 cases of Covid, with no deaths recorded.

COVID-19 in Madeira: previous updates can be found in an earlier post

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19 thoughts on “Latest Covid figures”

  1. I was reading recently that a study by US researchers, published in the Nature Medical Journal, has shown that your risk of serious illness, death, and long covid increases with each repeat infection, regardless of vaccination status. Heart and lung problems were the most prevalent, but risk of brain conditions, kidney problems and diabetes
    also increased.

    So much for people who say it’s just like ‘flu, get over it. The problem is that, being such a relatively new disease, there is still a lot we don’t know about it. I, for one, am happy to continue to play safe.

    • Once again you have demonstrated your ignorance. You have been told multiple times that vaccines do not prevent you getting Covid, they provide protection from getting seriously ill and dying from the disease. And if it’s the vaccines that are “making people sick, not Covid” how come people were getting sick with Covid prior to vaccines being created and his come the number of hospitalisations and deaths were way higher before vaccinations were developed and administered than after?

      Incidentally, I had my fourth yesterday and I’m sorry to disillusion you, but I’m still here. Still fit and well. No side effects whatsoever, not even a sore or achy arm!

      • I would suggest looking past the mainstream media and you find some serious evidence of illnesses coursed by covid vaccines until then have your vaccines and stay at home wearing your mask.

      • Pardon my use of the word preaching, I like to think I can change some ones point of view, as they can mine, by reasoned argument and some humour. What else are blogs for ? But preaching, providing information or expressing a view, sometimes, to use another common expression, it’s a labour in vain.

        • Thank you for the clarification.

          Not necessarily a labour in vain. I didn’t know whether others had heard about the research, so thought it might be of interest.

          As for changing views, clearly that is not going to happen with certain people, but, again, others will read the comments and it’s good to make them aware that there is another side to the story/issue and not just the one peddled by e.g. Covid deniers, vaccine sceptics and conspiracy theorists.

          • Caroline, not worth wasting time arguing with stupid as they are too stupid to listen. Hence me often being portrayed as public enemy No1 on here 😂😂😂😂

              • Four covid jabs, two flu jabs, one pneumonia and one shingles jab in the last couple of years and fighting fit. Oh, I also caught a dose of covid after jab No4 which lasted all of four days with only one day of coughing. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  2. In the UK we have people stating that the vaccine gave them Covid, they don’t think about where they had been the days before or the queues they’ve stood in to get their jab. My brother’s had 5 vaccines as he’s extremely vulnerable, he finally caught Covid about 3 weeks ago and was admitted to hospital with low oxygen levels. Covid is ravaging his body, he’s got pneumonia, a blood clot on his lung, his bowel is being attacked so needed an operation which he wasn’t expected to survive. He needed a further op but his lungs aren’t strong enough, so they’ve fitted a drain into his stomach as his bowel is leaking. He can barely talk as he can’t get his breath and nearly everyday brings new problems. I’m so grateful that he was offered the vaccines as hate to think what would have happened

    • Sorry to hear that Pat. Some people have suffered terribly from covid despite having been vaccinated and others escape with no symptoms at all. Touch wood I copped a dose but it was over after four days.

      • We caught it on a cruise, I was so glad we had been vaccinated as we felt so Ill, I hate to think what we would have been like if we hadn’t been jabbed. It took a good 3mths to get over the extreme lethargy, one minute we felt ok and 5mins later we felt totally zapped.


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