Intoxicated man scares drivers

Hallucinating man attacks cars in Funchal – video

Intoxicated man attacking cars in Funchal

JM reported on A male individual, visibly intoxicated and disturbed, scared several drivers passing through the busy Cruz Vermelha area at the end of the Cota 40 tunnel in central Funchal.

As shown in the video below, the man, who appeared to be hallucinating, walked from one side to the other on the busy junction, forcing several cars to stop, hitting some of the vehicles, as well as vandalising a rubbish bin on the roadside.

The visibly altered and disturbed male individual caused the dangerous situation on Friday night – video below.

Shortly afterwards, the individual started removing pieces of clothing, leaving them lying in the middle of the road, making movements that showed clear disorientation.

The PSP (security police) quickly attended the scene and took care of the incident.

Thanks to PeterA for the link.

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  1. The trouble is ..he causes problems causes vandalism. ..who pays for the damage the owner or government .. because wasters like this won’t pay ….he should be locked up until any damages he caused us paid for …..


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