‘Ilha da Madeira – 300 Trees’

New reference work published

Ilha da Madeira - 300 Trees- image of the new book published

Local sources report that the geographer and botanist Raimundo Quintal launches the work ‘Ilha da Madeira – 300 Trees’, published by Letras Lavadas (€32.00).

The presentation and launch will take place on the 24th (Thursday) at 6 pm, at Quinta Magnólia.

The session will feature a presentation by Doctor Maria Eugénia Soares de Albergaria Moreira, with the presence of Eduardo Jesus, Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture of Madeira and the editor, José Ernesto Rezendes.

‘Ilha da Madeira – 300 Trees’ is the result of four decades of fieldwork by Raimundo Quintal, who identified and photographed more than 3000 species of plants in the gardens, parks and farms of Madeira Island.

The book contains photographs and information on 270 species, 4 subspecies, 1 natural variety, 3 natural forms, 5 hybrids and 17 cultivars. This sample includes endemic trees from Madeira Island, monumental trees, small trees or large bushes, palm trees and arborescent plants. This book, however, is not a guide to the gardens of Madeira, but rather a lens that can help residents and visitors to see with sensitivity the trees in the gardens, farms, parks, streets and squares of the Island.

“This exceptional wealth of flora results from a combination of ecological and historical factors. The subtropical climate, neutral or acidic soils with a good component of organic matter and the availability of water transported through the canals (levadas) for irrigation in the summer guarantee the acclimatisation of plants brought by emigrants from the host countries, acquired by English families for their “quintas” and imported by traders from the major centres of production”

geographer and botanist Raimundo Quintal

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