Il Gallo d’Oro retains two Michelin Stars

William, at Reid’s, retains one star

Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant
Il Gallo d’Oro Restaurant

The Diario reports that Il Gallo d’Oro restaurant, at The Cliff Bay, in Funchal, has retained two Michelin stars and a green star, which distinguishes spaces that promote sustainable gastronomy.

The awards ceremony for the stars of the Michelin Spain and Portugal Guide is taking place at the Palacio de Congresos El Greco in Toledo, Spain.

Il Gallo d’Oro is the gourmet restaurant at the five-star The Cliff Bay hotel. Since 2004, the kitchen has been under the leadership of French Chef Benoît Sinthon. In 2009, Il Gallo d’Oro received the first Michelin star awarded on the island of Madeira.

“French chef Benoît Sinthon promotes fresh, tasty and creative cuisine that exalts Atlantic flavours, both from the island and from the ocean”, highlighted the Guide last year.

William, at Reid’s, retains one star

Il Gallo d'Oro retains two Michelin Stars 1
Restaurant William, at Reid’s

Restaurant William, at Reid’s, run by Chef Luís Pestana, has just renewed its Michelin star. The award ceremony of the stars of the Michelin Spain and Portugal Guide is currently taking place at the Palacio de Congressos El Greco in Toledo, Spain.

“Eating here represents much more than a gastronomic homage, because… it’s a true encounter with history! It is no coincidence that this hotel was one of the favourite destinations of the European aristocracy”, highlights the Guide last year, also when William was awarded a Michelin star.

Michelin to split Portugal and Spain next year

The Portuguese restaurants distinguished in the Michelin Spain and Portugal Guide will be announced from next year at an autonomous ceremony, a way of highlighting “the growing excellence” of national cuisine, the international director of the publication announced today in Toledo.

“Starting next year, we will not have just one celebration, but two, in Spain and Portugal”, announced Gwendal Poullennec, at the opening of the presentation ceremony for next year’s guide, which took place in the Spanish city of Toledo.

“We will not be unveiling the selection again at the same time, but we will give the two destinations their own celebration”, he said, adding: “The culinary scenes of the two countries deserve their own momentum and we want to better promote what makes them unique.”

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10 thoughts on “Il Gallo d’Oro retains two Michelin Stars”

    • Not all Michelin restaurants are in the arm and a leg class, Michelin also have a category, Bib Gourmand, these they describe as good quality, good value cooking. Funchal has two, the Casal da Penha and the Avista. Michelin describe these as a moderate spend. I use four restaurants when in Madeira, eating in the Casal da Penha a couple of times a week. Superb food and value with an owner and staff I can’t fault. Is there a down side ? Of course. They are always busy. Order your wine first, then relax you’re on holiday.

  1. Michelin Star style food, miniscule portions & picture on the plate presentation seems to be popular on UK TV cheffy programs (Master Chef etc) As more Restaurants adopt this style, I can see why, small portions = big profits…

  2. Not quite true and the Michelin, Bib Gourmand class I write of is based on good quality and value. Good presentation is not profiteering, Not being a foody I go to a restaurant as much for the experience as for the food. To sit and watch a busy well run restaurant in action is pure theatre. As an example of small portions big profits, take a cup of coffee in the UK, £3.00 for an Americano. At home I make a cup of coffee with a Lavazza pod for 45p, and have yet to find a better cup of coffee when out.

        • I mix an Espresso with a Latte, it just fits in the container, I drink one inside & refill to take out…? For the price, not much room for complaint..However my favourite cafe is in the small San Francisco shopping centre behind Blandy’s in Funchal, the lovely polite chap makes a perfect coffee (for me) he uses Tofa beans & its 80cents a cup, with a jug of hot milk with my Wife’s coffee.


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