Escarpment cleaning at Madalena do Mar

“Controlled removal of large stone blocks”

Madalena do Mar
Madalena do Mar

JM reports that the municipal authorities at Ponta do Sol have announced that they will clean the eastern slope of the parish of Madalena do Mar, next to Bairro do Passo, on the 29th and 30th of this month. The objective is to promote a “controlled removal of large stone blocks, in order to restore better safety conditions for locals and visitors”.

“This operation will be monitored and coordinated on the ground by the Ponta do Sol Presidency office and by the Municipal Civil Protection Service, in an intervention that will have the collaboration of the team of road workers from the Regional Roads Directorate (DRE)”, according to the Municipality, in a statement sent to newsrooms.

In the statement, President Célia Pessegueiro underlined that “the implementation of risk mitigation actions is essential to ensure the safety of the local population, as well as of all those who visit the parish of Madalena do Mar”, with the mayor highlighting the importance of intervention that will be carried out, to avoid the uncontrolled fall of blocks during the next winter.

“Since this is an intervention of high complexity and risk for people and their property, the Municipality will proceed with the conditioning of the intervention zone. the instructions given to them on the spot”, is recommended in the note.

“We understand the inconvenience caused to those who live and work in that area, but our only concern is to preserve the safety of our population”, concludes the mayor.

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Escarpment cleaning at Madalena do Mar 1

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