Calls for President to call off Qatar trip

“Representatives of the Republic should not go to the World Cup

representatives of the Republic, who some claim should not go to the Qatar World Cup,
Marcelo, Santos Silva and António Costa at the solemn session of the 48th anniversary of the Revolution

On the mainland today, Expresso is reporting that deputies and commentators from the PS and PSD consider that representatives of the Republic should not go to the Qatar World Cup, despite their parties having already secured approval for the trip

In recent days a number of vocal Portuguese parliamentarians have all demonstrated against the visit to Qatar of not just the President of the Republic, but also of the President of Parliament and the Prime Minister.

The President’s trip, the only one that is subject to change, is discussed and voted on this Monday in the Foreign Affairs parliamentary committee. And it was the chairman of the commission himself, the socialist Sérgio Sousa Pinto, one of the deputies who this weekend expressed his opposition to the trip of the main representatives of the State to Portugal’s matches in the Football World Cup, which started this Sunday.

Marcelo, Santos Silva and Costa combined what has already been customary in other competitions of this type: the President goes to the first game, the President of Parliament to the second and the Prime Minister to the third. Then, if Portugal passes the group stage, they will reorganize themselves, in principle maintaining the descending hierarchical order.

The controversy over these trips began after controversial statements by the PR devaluing human rights violations in Qatar. Before, only Livre had expressed its opposition to the presidential trip. But, a few hours later, the Bloco de Esquerda delivered a draft resolution to parliament proposing that there is no institutional representation at the World Cup.

Marcelo returned to speak about the subject in public to guarantee that he will go to Qatar to talk about human rights and to remember that Parliament authorizes him to leave. The parliamentary leaders of the PS and PSD have already said that their parties guarantee the approval of Marcelo’s request, not least because that is the tradition: never to reject.

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    • Maurice, like you, my husband and I said this at the time that money had most likely changed hands.
      However, while ever we have Julian Assange in prison for publishing details of war crimes, we are guilty of childrens’ deaths in Iraq because of a lie. Having joined in extraordinary rendition, we really are hypocrites to condemn others.
      To hear people like Linnekar spouting, when they are being paid so much to attend the football, it really is so hypocritical!


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