29 cancelled flights affect 4,000 passengers

Porto Santo ferry called into action

Madeira Airport - the scene of 29 cancelled flights yesterday

More than 4,000 passengers will have been directly affected yesterday by the diverted and/or cancelled flights at Madeira International Airport, due to bad weather (poor visibility caused by precipitation and fog) that prevented the realization of approach and landing operations.

The low cloud ceiling kept the Santa Cruz runway ‘closed’ to Arrivals for almost seven hours throughout the holiday Tuesday, and normality was only resumed at 4:43 pm with the landing of a flight from Zurich that had been diverted to Porto Santo.

Until 10:30 pm, ANA — Aeroportos de Portugal portal confirmed that there were 29 cancelled flights to and from Madeira (15 arrivals and 14 departures).

Porto Santo ferry assists air passengers

29 cancelled flights affect 4,000 passengers 1

More than 300 passengers disembarked this Tuesday afternoon, November 1, at Porto Santo Airport after the planes they were traveling on were diverted from Madeira International Airport due to bad weather.

The flights operated by Edelweiss (1) and Ryanair (2), departing from Zurich, London, and Manchester, respectively, should have landed in Madeira at 1:05 pm, 1:55 pm and 2:10 pm, but the poor visibility in Santa Cruz caused cancelled flights, diverting planes to Porto Santo.

According to the Diario, most passengers in transit will try to go to the island of Madeira by sea, using the ship Lobo Marinho, which already had over 500 passengers on the trip yesterday evening, at 18:00.

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29 cancelled flights affect 4,000 passengers 3

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