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JM reports on controversy surrounding tourist taxes in Madeira. According to the parliamentary leader of the JPP, Élvio Sousa, after Regional President Miguel Albuquerque accepted the collection of fees for the enjoyment of tourist places, such as Cabo Girão and Cais do Sardinha, on the same day that he criticized the application of the Santa Cruz Ecotax, the Tourism Secretary Eduardo Jesus “also suffers from numerous contradictions”,

JPP – Juntos para Povo – which describes itself as “a party with roots in a movement of citizens committed to participatory citizenship, which motivates the civic awareness of intervention” has its roots in the Santa Cruz municipality on the south coast of the island, which includes the airport.

The JPP leader’s statements appear in response to what Eduardo Jesus said, in an interview with JM. “Santa Cruz has a tourist tax, it charges money and does not apply it in the sector. This bad example damages the image of Madeira”, said the official. “In the face of these statements, which are out of step with reality and context, it is always important and enlightening to refresh the secretary’s memory”, says Élvio Sousa.

“First, because it is possible not to harm Tourism with a tourist tax (Ecotax), and Santa Cruz is an example of this, having the recognition of its need by the tourists themselves. Afterwards, we invited Mr. Eduardo Jesus to witness in loco Santa Cruz’s investment in tourist posters (Natal and Santa Cruz em Flor), in energy efficiency, in the creation of leisure and enjoyment spaces such as the Reis Magos promenade and the Largo da Achada, in Camacha.” The “Ecotax” tourist tax is collected by accommodation providers in Santa Cruz – €1.00 per adult per night’s stay for a maximum of five days.

The JPP goes on to say that “the Secretary’s biggest contradiction is to come to criticize for criticizing an approach that he himself helped to build and to pay with public money, from all of us”. Élvio Sousa recalls that “his former secretary ordered a study to be carried out on the ‘Implementation of the Tourist Tax in the Region’, which cost almost 50 thousand euros, and which the Government has been hiding during this time, which precisely concludes that the overnight stay and not the tourist route. A version that contradicts the very opinions of both the President of the Government and the Secretary.”

“At a time when Miguel Albuquerque says one thing in the morning and another in the afternoon, and is completely hallucinated by reality, and threatens to expel anyone who uses the right of free opinion, we took the opportunity to refresh the memory of both protagonists. Part of the conclusions of this study that contradict the words of the rulers, and we inform you that you can consult the study in Íntegra on the transparency page at”, he concludes.

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