Record mortality rate in Madeira

9 deaths per day this year

Mortality rate headline in Diario

The Diario reports that Madeira recorded an average of 9 deaths per day in the Region over the first six months of this year. It has not been half a century since there was such a high mortality rate.

JM takes a different angle on the same mortality rate statistics, noting that of the total of 388 people who have died with Covid-19 in Madeira, more than half were referred in just seven months of this year. Between February and August, with the return to normal, 223 people died with the virus in the Region.

The photo on the front page of the Diario illustrates that offences against animals have soared after the pandemic. The GNR (police) received 251 complaints in the first eight months, more than in the whole of 2021. In this edition they tell the story of ‘Sunflower’, the dog found paraplegic due to abuse and who gained a new life.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

Record mortality rate in Madeira 1

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12 thoughts on “Record mortality rate in Madeira”

    • It didn’t take you long to pipe up did it? You are obsessed with covid jabs and really ought to seek psychiatric help to got over this obsession.

      • Maurice

        1. That’s very rude to Steve.
        2. Eventually, I think he will be shown to be correct. Look beyond the mainstream media and you will find some very worrying evidence. Then we will see whether Steve “needs psychiatric help”.

  1. Hardly surprising when the media is brainwashing us to say that the Covid pandemic is over, when clearly it is not. So no one takes any precautions any more, so the virus loves it. It can happily spread and mutate. So more people die. The reproduction rate in Madeira is 1.6, the highest in Portugal and one of the highest in Europe. People come on holiday here and leave their brains and good sense behind.

  2. The first paragraph, from the Diario tells us 9 people a day died in the first six months of this year, 181 days, at 9 a day equals 1629 people. The second line tells us, I think, that it’s been over 50 years since that number was equalled. It does not mention Covid. Bearing in mind Covid was active in the first six months of this year, my question is, what happened 50 years ago that brought the number of deaths to that figure without the aid of Covid ?

    • 50 years ago Portugal was probably the poorest of the west European nations. Consequently, people were living in Favelas around Lisbon etc crammed together where disease could spread easily. That and poor diet may well have accounted for that.

      • Right again, Maurice, it was about then I first visited Madeira, 1968 and apart from the Hotel Area, which stopped at Reeds, Funchal was, to be generous, scruffy, beautiful views up to the mountains but still close to scruffy. No old town and certainly not after dark. The locals, wonderful and still are. What gets to me is all the correspondents who want to go back to those days. The thing is going back to the days you describe is for them a couple of weeks for the locals it’s for life.

  3. We need a breakdown on cause of death, age and nationality. how many were retirees from mainland Portugal and other European countries ?

    People die all the time, some people die of the vaccines but very, very few. Think positive, there are positive side effects to the vaccines that many people experience. In my case before covid started I had an eye test that said Cataracs had started in both eyes. 98% of people over 80 have that and in 5 or 10 years I would need the op to change the lenses in my eyes. Then came Covid. 2 years and 4 Covid vaccine Jabs later I went back to the Optician and had an eye test again. The Optician said your eyesight has not changed, but the Cataracs have gone!

  4. Having had cataracts removed from both eyes, one recently, the first ten years ago, I have to ask after the optician did you see an eye specialist. My cataracts were both picked up by my optician but after that it was down to the eye specialist. Only Steve could blame Covid for that.


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