Optimistic Madeirans in Venezuela

President concludes his visit

Optimistic Madeirans in Venezuela - farewell party

JM reports that the Regional President of Madeira Miguel Albuquerque, ended a visit to Venezuela yesterday, where he found a “more optimistic” Portuguese community and renewed leadership, with young people, in Portuguese-Venezuelan clubs.

“I think that Venezuela at the moment, based on the observation, is that our entrepreneurs, our fellow citizens residing here, are more optimistic, there is greater stabilization and there is a return on investment”, he told Agência Lusa.

Miguel Albuquerque also underlined that “people are more optimistic and more secure in relation to previous years, and (…) there are all the conditions for our country to establish more dynamic relations between Venezuela and Portugal”.

“I also think it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity in order to strengthen air operations in Portugal and Venezuela, namely by establishing, as in the past, a stop, especially for TAP, a flight to Madeira”, said the minister.

According to Miguel Albuquerque, “there is also a renewal” in the direction of the clubs “and things are going very well”.

“I think the clubs did something very smart which was to adopt their infrastructure of sports courts because that attracts young people”, he said.

The Madeiran politician explained that “that idea of ​​the old club, which only played checkers and cards, these clubs are disappearing, but being sports, cultural, with folk groups, with the dynamics linked to art and sport at soccer practice (…) all this makes families go to the club and young people continue to attend the club”.

“Kind and very friendly” reception in Venezuela

Miguel Albuquerque began by “thanking for the kind and very friendly manner”, as he was received in Venezuela”, stressing that he had “a busy schedule” on the visit that began on October 9 with a visit to Curaçao, before arriving in Caracas.

In Venezuela, he said, “the first act was the inauguration of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima (in Carrizal), a magnificent work that is exemplary, not only of the faith of this community but above all it is a demonstration of the courage of resilience and the capacity to work of our community here in Venezuela”.

“It was a work that took 14 years (to build) and I had the opportunity to have been at the beginning of the work about 12 years ago in Los Teques. And, this cathedral and everything associated with it is a demonstration, an example, of what is the work and willpower of our Luso-descendants here in Venezuela”, he told Lusa.

Albuquerque explained that later he also had the opportunity to visit the Centro Atlântico Madeira Club and the Centro Luso-Larese de Barquisimeto, where he found “a community that is also very hardworking, very prestigious here in Venezuela”.

In Valencia, he was at the Centro Social Madeirense, “a club that brings together our community, affirming culture and the national entity and attracting all young people”.

“I had the honour of being honoured by the club and I think the club is very dynamic. It offers a variety of sports and events and is currently a promotion centre in a social junction”, he stressed.

During the trip to Venezuela, Miguel Albuquerque also visited the Casa Portuguesa de Aragua and the Luso-Venezuelan Geriatric Home, “which is working very well”.

“I have to commend the strength and determination to keep a home running, to support our most vulnerable elderly. The club (Casa Portuguesa de Aragua) is also very dynamic,” he said.

Albuquerque said that on Sunday he was “at Arraial de Los Teques with thousands of people, where once again we were very well received”.

The trip included, “obviously, the Portuguese Center of Caracas, where I also had the opportunity to attend a great dinner”.

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