MSC cruise ships dominate Funchal

… this weekend

MSC cruise ship "Fantasia"

After the departure of Virgin’s “Valiant Lady” after her debut in Funchal, MSC cruise ships dominate this weekend’s traffic in the port.

The first was the “MSC Fantasia”, which arrived in Madeira’s waters this morning for a nine-hour layover. Coming from Barcelona, ​​it has 2366 passengers and 1247 crew on board. Over the course of the morning, 121 passengers disembarked from the MSC cruise ship and 83 passengers embarked in a “turnaraound”, where passengers travel part of their outward or return journey via Funchal airport. The ship departs this afternoon, at 16:00, bound for Salvador.

“MSC Fantasia” was docked alongside the superyacht ‘Nita K II’ which also docked this morning for a supply and rest stop for the crew that will last 43 hours. Coming from Gibraltar, this megayacht, which has 10 crew on board, was in the Adriatic Sea during the summer and is now on a repositioning trip to the Caribbean.

Tomorrow, another MSC cruise ship, the ‘Magnifica’, will be in Porto do Funchal, which will stay in Madeira for 10 hours and will also make a partial turnaround. Coming from Barcelona, ​​it has 2,303 passengers and 906 crew on board, leaving Madeira at 5:00 pm, heading for Lanzarote.

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MSC cruise ships dominate Funchal 1

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