Lidl to resubmit city centre plans

Cruz Vermelha plans to be reformulated

Lidl to resubmit city centre plans 1

The Diario reports that Lidl wiII reformulate the project it has for Largo da Cruz Vermelha. At the end of the meeting with the group’s administrators, Pedro Calado explained that Lidl will resubmit plans for the project, which may now have a residential component.

The president of the Câmara Municipal do Funchal, who met with representatives of Lidl together with the Councillor for Urbanism, also revealed that the viability of the Lidl store above the Barreiros stadium will imply the suspension of the Municipal Master Plan for that location.

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Lidl to resubmit city centre plans 3

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3 thoughts on “Lidl to resubmit city centre plans”

  1. Well they should built one in that piece of land where was a old quinta that been vacancy for year in Santa Cruz after the tunnel where is the bus stop to Funchal neither their is a real big supermarket in Santa Cruz anymore

    • Well neither their is a real supermarket in Santa Cruz the existent ones are small and for anyone that needs a big shopping they need to go to Agua de Pena ou Canico this for older people can be a problem . Also in certain areas the busses have a reduce time table like the area where my mother lives in Santo Antonio da Serra the road above of airport first road that you see landing when arriving to Madeira . This buses neither go to where my mother lives she is oblige to walk a long road without any pavement to the bus stop near Prisma . You don’t do this to older people reducing the buses and people are forced to call a taxi or stay at home . Neither will be killing any competition since their isn’t any real supermarkets their .


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