Lidl not given up on central Funchal

Supermarket to meet the Mayor

Lidl headline in the Diario

The Diario headlines that the German supermarket chain does not give up on the idea of ​​opening a store in Largo da Cruz Vermelha. Company officials from Lidl will meet with the Mayor and a City Councillor according to the newspaper.

Lidl’s first application for the same location was declined in mid-September – first reported here.

Renewable energy

The cover photo refers to more than half a million in support of renewable energy production. A new phase of applications for the installation of systems from renewable sources is open this month. Aid can reach 65% for individuals and companies, unlike the Azores, where 100% can be reclaimed.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

Lidl not given up on central Funchal 1

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      There is only one thing you ever come up with in comments and that is about covid vaccines killing people. You must spend your whole days scouring the Internet to find even more of this stuff.

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      *note to Admin
      Isn’t there some way to get rid of this deranged person?

      • Well Maurice, from someone who normally just passes straight to the point comments, with no real emotion, you have certainly let fly this time ( I listen to this tripe that Steve spews out from people now and then) but look at the thumbs down here, and that tells us a lot.
        Statistically you are more likely to have either died of covid or suffer from its side effects than the vaccines, even when you broker in, more people have had vaccines than have had covid.
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        Here endeth the lesson for today.

  1. Well this comments nothing to do with this at all . There is a piece of land in Santa Cruz that one time was a Quinta full of mango trees that been abandoned for many years this is near of the bus stop to Funchal ideal place to built Lidil

    • Well done not detracted by Steve, he is probable paid by Lidl’s agent to divert people from the real issue. the pro’s and cons of a Lidl store opening. The facts ( retail historian ), it will give some people jobs, but many more will lose there’s and many small businesses will close.

      • It will add some competition so a lot of small income families will be helped John. So there are a lot of things in mixing pot here. The hew and cry when these cut to bone operators came to UK but by heck have the shuck up our four dominating supermarket groups and one has even been replaced in top four, by Aldi!!!
        FOOD for thought.

  2. Well their isn’t nothing wrong with that piece of land that been abandoned in Santa Cruz and it is near from everything . In certain way that piece of land it is a complete let down to the area it is the first thing that you see when you across Santa Cruz and going to the bus stop.


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