Germans do not forget Caniço tragedy

Judicial process ongoing

Germans do not forget Caniço tragedy headline in JM

Three and a half years after the tragic accident that killed 29 German citizens in Caniço, the German Embassy in Portugal continues to monitor the ongoing judicial process, maintaining contact with the relatives of the deceased. Speaking to JM, the deputy counsellor at the embassy, ​​Thomas Tünnemann, “respects the independence of Portuguese justice” and says that Germany is available to “assist” the local authorities.

The front page also highlights that farmers are angry with GESBA prices. Farmers complain about the low amounts paid by GESBA, the banana sector management company, which denies the claims, says it pays on time, and guarantees total disposal.

Rising wheat prices

The Diario’s front page highlights that the Regional Government wants to maintain around two months’ supply of cereals on the island and that €60,000 per month has been allocated to purchase wheat from France.

However, bread producers are reportedly apprehensive about rising wheat prices.

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Germans do not forget Caniço tragedy 1

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    • No, it was a terrible incident. Like the coach trip from a Costa cruise ship that crashed on the north of the island. We were there when it happened and you could feel the shock wave reverberate around the island.


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