German bookings fall

Down 15% from next January.

German bookings fall - headline in JM

JM leads with the headline that travel agents are already noticing the effects of the price increase on the German market, the second most important for Madeira. Travel One Portugal, one of the agents that brings more Germans to the Region, estimates a drop in tourists of around 15% from January onwards. And there are reports of the cancellation of some flights in winter. 

The newspaper reports that Regional Tourism Secretary Eduardo Jesus says he still doesn’t have anything concrete on the German fall-off, but you would have thought it was blindingly obvious that with inflation running at nearly 10% across Europe, and with interest rates rising at their fastest for decades, there was going to be some impact on the tourism market here in Madeira?

This is the news that makes today’s headline in your newspaper, on a front page that highlights a special visit. 25 years after Jardim visited Curaçao, Miguel Albuquerque started a new presidential visit yesterday and wants to strengthen ties with the local community. 

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German bookings fall 1

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  1. I wonder if it is a similar picture in other warm spots like the Canaries, Balaeriacs etc? I would be surprised if Madeira alone was registering a drop in German holidaymakers.


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