Digital Nomads visit health centre

… with a “FLOURISHING” gift

Digital Nomads gift

JM reports that the Digital Nomads, through the social project, ‘MFICA’ Madeira Friends, visited the health centre of São João de Deus, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, and took with them an artistic gift.

As they told JM, it was a gift of “breath, positivity and strength in the form of applause and thanks to all the health professionals who work there”.

They say they were welcomed “with open arms by dozens of people”, including the director of the institution, Eduardo Lemos, collaborators, patients and volunteers.

It was an opportunity for digital nomads to learn more about the dynamics of the institution and the work developed in the region for about 100 years. One of the visitors works for an American multinational in the field of mental health, which was an important interaction and sharing of experience between all of them.

Through a vibrant range of cheerful colours and bold shapes, Tiago Rodrigues, an artist from Timeq_one, created, together with Madeira Friends and Digital Nomads, an art installation entitled ‘FLOURISHING’ that was made “live” at the biggest mindfulness event in the world, Wanderlust which had its first edition in Madeira last weekend.

“When art and mental health meet, the artist’s story and art itself can serve as a powerful tool to increase the impact on topics that are sometimes overlooked, stigmatized or misunderstood, and give voice and focus to mental health, trauma, the process. of rehabilitation and healing”, highlight the Digital Nomads.

The word “FLOURISHING” is used in psychology and represents good feelings, being positive, and also the capacity for positive emotions, and engagement with the outside world. In this work of art, one can still see the positive, pleasant, organic and prosperous growth of his pieces. Hence, the word “FLOURISHING” in the centre in white, embedded in the midst of abstract and colourful floral elements around it.

This work will be exhibited at the São João de Deus nursing home, in Funchal. The initiative involved people from various social groups, from Madeirans to digital nomads to local artists, which is the objective of Madeira Friends: the integration of everyone on the island.

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