Crisis at Credit Suisse

Another Lehman Brothers?

Crisis at Credit Suisse 1
The Credit Suisse share price has fallen from $14.90 in Feb 2021, to $3.90 currently. asks what is going on at Credit Suisse? The Swiss bank is trying to convey a message of tranquility, but does not convince investors. Stocks sink, risk soars, as you try to turn your losses around. The collapse in Credit Suisse’s share price is of great concern. From $14.90 in Feb 2021, to $3.90 currently.

The bank had António Horta Osório as chairman until January this year. After successive scandals, the Swiss bank is once again under enormous pressure from the markets. Stocks are in free fall and the cost of protecting yourself from a bank failure has soared to record highs, leaving investors with a strong sense of repeating the events that led to the massive bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Déjà vu?

Credit Suisse was one of the “trends” on social media over the weekend, which debated whether one of the world’s largest banks was on the brink of collapse, in a true “Lehman moment”.

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Crisis at Credit Suisse 3

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