“Bathing Waters” app

Bating Water app

“Bathing Waters” is the new application that will serve to monitor the region’s bathing waters, making it possible for any citizen to unload and signal, for example, any spot on the coastline. After this step, the technical teams will take action to solve the problem and certify the veracity.

The ‘Águas Balneares’ application was presented by the regional secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, in the auditorium of the Madeira Electricity Company where the ABACO Project – Improvement of the Quality of Bathing and Coastal Waters in Macaronesia is being presented.

The project’s objective is to develop actions that lead to the improvement, preservation, enhancement, and promotion of bathing and coastal waters in Macaronesia, for the conservation of natural values ​​and the promotion of tourism.

‘Susana Prada, presented this new application, saying that it is already accessible for download on mobile phones. “This application enables anyone to recognize and contact the Regional Directorate of Spatial Planning and Environment” if they come across stains on the beach. The approach is straightforward: technicians will travel to the site to “take a sample, analyze it, and determine whether it is contamination or pollution.”

SRAAC is “dedicated” to projects that “enable us to strengthen our capacity to monitor pollution and marine litter.” We want to know what kind of trash is appearing and where it is coming from so that we can identify its provenance and prevent and eliminate these episodes of pollution and marine debris “.

Regional Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, Susana Prada

As a result, ABACO intends to monitor and analyse the dispersion of plumes in the waterways. Drones will be used to collect data for this research. The sample is collected by the drone and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.

The regional secretary stated on the occasion that the stains discovered in the water of Madeira are not necessarily due to pollution. “We will now explain what those stains are that are frequently caused by natural processes. They are microbes, algae, and the outcome of levadia. Determine the makeup of those stains that are not always contaminated.”

The Secretariat wants to know “where they disperse to, if they disperse to the ocean or, on the other hand, can travel and float laterally to some bathing location” when these plumes leave sewage treatment plants via streams or direct discharges into the sea.

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  1. I am not convinced the waste water treatment plants from the hotels are doing a successful job of cleaning up the sewerage before discharge into the sea. I used to work for a large Utility before I retired & the “froth” on the sea, tells me sewage problem’s & I wouldn’t swim in the sea around Funchal…


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