Continente now online in Madeira

But only in Funchal?

Continente now online in Madeira - graphic

JM reports that Continente Online is now available in Madeira.

“The inhabitants of Funchal can now make their purchases online, conveniently, quickly and safely, and receive … Read more

Brazil elections

Lula da Silva victory celebrated in Lisbon

Lula da Silva, who has won the Brazilian elections

The national edition of JM reports that at Fábrica de Braço de Prata, in Lisbon, more than 1,500 people, mostly Brazilians, celebrated on … Read more

Weather improves!

Gradual improvement over the coming week

Weather forecast for today in Madeira
BBC Weather forecast for today in Funchal

After an unusually lengthy spell of very cloudy weather with significant rainfall across the island, things are … Read more

Driving license renewal

… for Portuguese license holders

Portuguese driving license

Not a lot of news around this morning so a quick bit of public information for holders of Portuguese driving licenses, courtesy of the Portugal … Read more

New hospital: problem resolved

Rally Madeira Legend concludes

New hospial green light headline from the Diario

Today’s Diario headline points out that there is a green light to continue the work on the new hospital on the outskirts of Funchal. This is … Read more

Winds cost easyJet €1m

Cloudy weekend forecast

easyJet headline in JM

JM carries a report that the low-cost airline easyJet has put a figure on the cost of flights affected by the inoperability of Madeira Airport. Per year, … Read more

Lack of policing in Funchal

Rapid Intervention Brigade undermanned

policing headline in JM

JM leads with both headlines and the lead photo highlighting a report on the lack of policing on the streets of Funchal, which is admitted by … Read more

Flood risk monitoring

benefits from €2.5m investment

Floods of February 20, 2010 led to the creation of a flood risk system
Floods of February 20, 2010 in Funchal

The Diario today headlines the investment of €2.5 million that the Region has already made in the Integrated System … Read more

Bus transfer problems

… generated by cruise ship numbers

Transfer problems highlighted in the JM

JM reports in headlines that the tour buses used to transfer tourists from the cruise ships are experiencing problems with where to drop off … Read more

Porto Santo joins Biosphere Reserves

Sustainable Territories, Resilient Communities project

Porto Santo joins Biosphere Reserves 70

As of today, the Biosphere Reserve on the island of Porto Santo will be part of the Biosphere Reserves: Sustainable Territories, Resilient Communities project, financed … Read more

Ships shelter from the rain!

Orange weather warning issued

Ships sheltering in Funchal

The Diario reports online that two cruise ships are sheltering in the Port of Funchal this Wednesday morning. The stopovers have been planned and scheduled for … Read more

Beer tax rise “unfair”

Proposed 4% increase in special taxes

Portuguese beers

The beer sector in Portugal has criticised the Government’s proposal for the 2023 State Budget (OE2023), claiming that the 4% increase in special taxes … Read more

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