Witchcraft in Ribeira Brava!

Madrid connection remains through winter

Witchcraft in Ribeira Brava headline in JM

The JM front page photographic highlight goes to Ribeira Brava, which has decided to close cemeteries at night due to “witchcraft”. For more than a year, the cemeteries of Ribeira Brava have been the scene of alleged “practices of witchcraft”, denounced by local citizens, who have already lodged complaints in the Chamber and the PSP (Security Police). The municipality reveals to JM that from today all cemeteries will be closed at the end of the afternoon.

JM headlines the announcement the Spanish connection to Madeira remains through winter with the Spanish airline Iberia maintaining three direct weekly flights to Madrid. The operation provides a total of 6,300 seats, provided by a BombardierCRJ1000 aircraft, increasing the number of seats from Spain to 18,600 since the International Air Transport Association (IATA) summer period.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

Witchcraft in Ribeira Brava! 1

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2 thoughts on “Witchcraft in Ribeira Brava!”

  1. Spoken like a true christian. so much for religious tolerance.
    May be they go to the churchyard because that is where their old shrines used to be.
    I dont know about Madeira but the in the UK and most of Europe the christains killed all the witches and other non Christians and knocked down or built over their shrines and temples.
    In the UK the Witchcraft Act was only repealed in 1970’s, before that just to surport the craft, was punishable by imprisonment. as late as the 1940′ a women in portsmouth was sentenced to 18months in Prison.


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