Storm coming?

Atlantic storms developing

Atlantic storms

Jaime was in touch recently on the subject of storms developing in the Atlantic after looking at the Atlantic weather charts and being surprised to see the British ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting) computer predicting a Tropical Storm heading in the direction of the Canaries and Madeira in around a week’s time, with winds reaching 50 knots, torrential rain and very rough seas.

Whilst obviously “one to keep an eye on”, the confidence of the forecast at the time was low – the storm is purely a computer prediction that hadn’t been “spawned” yet and thus had not yet been picked up by the American National Hurricane Centre (NHC) satellites, so its track and development was by no means certain at that early stage – but according to Meteo Group and UK Met Office data for the BBC forecast it was not due to develop until around now (21st/ 22nd September – the Autumn Equinox and coincidently a similar date to the formation of the last Hurricane to affect the Island – Leslie – in 2018) in the traditional Equatorial birthplace between Dakar, Senegal and the Cabo Verde Islands before unusually moving Northwards instead of the more usual Westwards. forecast for the Canary islands next Monday

Yesterday, as predicted, the NHC picked up on the potential storm that was originally forecast to head towards Madeira which now seems likely to develop, drift north but fizzle out before reaching the Canaries (opposite).

More noteworthy now, according to Jaime, is a mid Atlantic disturbance that has now developed into a tropical storm named Gaston and is threatening the Azores this weekend. Strangely though at the last minute it is predicted to veer northwestward and brush Flores and Corvo but miss the main group of islands (below). 

More details on the situation in the Azores can be found here. forecast for the Azores this Saturday

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