Palace of Justice inadequate

Animal euthanasia

Palace of Justice headline in JM

Today’s JM headline goes to the Palace of Justice (Palácio da Justiça), overlooking Praca Municpio in the centre of Funchal, which opened 60 years ago. Despite having recently undergone remodelling works, it does not have sufficient facilities for the services installed, as the judge of the District of Madeira, Filipe Câmara, confirmed to the newspaper. The magistrate has even requested the transfer of the Family and Minors Court of Funchal away from Palace of Justice to another location. 

Animal euthanasia

This Sunday’s edition also reports that animal euthanasia in Madeira is causing a stir in the Region. There is no consensus on the number of animals euthanized in Madeira. The president of animal charity ANIMAD, Natália Vieira, criticizes the lack of control over the issue, while João Freitas, Animal Ombudsman, indicates that in 2021 150 euthanasias were carried out. 

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Palace of Justice inadequate 1

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